Snatch your Porsche Cayenne! Win with the best

Oct. 11th - March 30st
More leads = more chance to win Porsche Cayenne

More prizes

  • MacBook Pro
  • iPhone 7
  • iPad Air 2
  • Apple Watch 2
  • MacBook Air

Top-15 publishers

  • id3501
  • id1986
  • id3277
  • id2876
  • id2337
  • id298
  • id383
  • id1134
  • id12440
  • id262
  • id1720
  • id579
  • id2373
  • id3644
  • id3475

Extra points with:

Bust Size - breast enhancement cream
Chocolate Slim - weight loss treatment
Collamask - rejuvenating cream mask
El-Macho - potency treatment product
Electricity Saving Box - energy saving device
Erogan - potency treatment product
Fitospray - weight loss spray
Green Tea - weight loss treatment
Hondrocream - arthritis product
Machoman - penis enlargement product
Maxisize - penis enlargement cream
Monastic tea - anti-parasite product
Valgosocks - bunion toe straightener socks
Valgus Pro - bunion toe straightener
Varicobooster — varicose vein cream


Main rules

  • Webmasters registered at our trade and affiliate platforms и will participate in the contest
  • In the drawing of prizes, webmasters from TOP100 participate, who collected at least 500 confirmed leads
  • Publishers who got in the TOP15 and came to the party dedicated to drawing results, will participate in the top prize draw
  • Publisher gets 1 ticket for the draw of the main prize for every 1000 points
  • Additional prizes will be raffled off among all publishers participated in the Contest
  • You can win one of the extra prizes and Porsche Cayenne
  • The prize draw will be held at the party in Moscow, the exact date and location will be announced later
  • The contest game begins on October 11th , 2016 and ends March 30th , 2017
  • The condition of Contest, work and the list of offers could be changed